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YOU Determine Who Wins & Our Future

You and your vote will determine who wins the primary election in August and who wins the general election in November. I have had a lot of questions concerning voting, especially who can vote in the closed primary and who can vote in the open general election. Everyone’s knowledge and/or understanding of voting and candidates determines our future so it is important to educate everyone about the voting regulations and deadlines.

First, if you are not registered to vote, please register in person, by mail, or online (an online link will be provided at the end of the article). The Jackson County Supervisor of Elections Office is located at 2651 Jefferson St., Marianna, FL. The online link will provide instructions and the form needed for registering or updating your registration. Please vote, it is your right and your voice to what happens at the local, state, and federal levels.

What is a closed primary election? Simply described, it is an election where you receive a ballot based upon candidates with the same party affiliation you are registered as. All the candidates on that ballot will be the same party affiliation as you. There are no crossing party lines in a primary election, it is the same party only.

If your favorite candidates have a different party affiliation than your party affiliation, you will not be able to vote for them on August 20, 2024, in the primary election. If your favorite candidates do not win the primary election, they will not appear on the ballot for the general election on November 5, 2024.  It is important to support who you feel is the best candidate and uphold your values and expectations for the future beginning in the primary election.

If your favorite candidates are not the same party affiliation, you can update your affiliation to their party affiliation by simply completing the Florida Voter Registration Application Form which will allow you to vote for them in the August primary. This can be done in person, by mail, or online (an online link will be provided at the end of the article). The deadline to update your party affiliation for voting in the August Primary is July 22, 2024. This update does not have to be a permanent update, you can simply update again once the August primary election is over. The link below is private, simple, and fast.

What is an open general election? It is an election where you receive a ballot with candidates who are unopposed or who have won the primary election. This election allows you to vote for any candidate and any party affiliation. The deadline to register to vote for the general election is October 7, 2024.

You are the most important element in our democracy. It is important to educate everyone about their rights and freedoms so they can maximize their voices. Please vote in August and November and please vote for your favorite candidates that you know can help you and the community achieve their goals and dreams. Just remember YOU determine who wins and our future.

I will leave you with those thoughts and that concludes this week’s The Straight Truth With Mary Ann Hutton.

The online link for voter registration or registration updates is below:

Florida Online Voter Registration System (

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